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Cine Film Conversion

Cine Film Conversion Services

Do you have old family cine film reels in the attic which you would like to have transferred to DVD or to a digital file?
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Video Copy Centre is one of the leading cine conversion centres in the UK and Ireland. We can transfer most types of cine film to DVD and digital formats. Our technicians have over twenty three years experience of working with old cine film, and the results are superb. Your cine films are returned to you in the same condition as we receive them.

Cine films can be transferred to DVD and to digital formats for Windows and Apple computers. Why not contact Daniel at our offices and ask about our transfer rates?

If you have a collection of family films going back over a few years, it makes sense to put your films in date order before your bring them into us.

Some old films get damaged over the years as a result of being mishandled or getting jammed in film projectors. In most cases our technicians can repair/re-splice your films so we can get the best results from your transfer.


Cine Film Reels

The small 50-foot film reels were the most popular in the days of home cine cameras. They run for about three and a half minutes and are approximately 3 inches in diameter. The larger reels usually come on 200 foot (12 minute) and 400 foot (25 minute) spools.

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Editing your Cine Films

At Video Copy Centre, we have facilities for editing your cine films. You may want to remove sections that are of poor quality or simply of no interest to you. You may want to add a soundtrack, titles or even a spoken commentary. Or perhaps you want to make a “highlights” video of the best clips from your family films? You can work with one of our professional editors to do just that. Contact us for a quotation by phone or email.