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Video to digital/USB conversion

Video Tape to Digital File Conversion Services

fix Pro tape 05Customers frequently ask us about having their videos or camcorder tapes transferred to a digital format for playback on PC, Mac, tablet (such as iPad) or mobile device. Video Copy Centre offers a range of solutions

The most popular choices are:

  • Quicktime/H264: Best for Apple devices
  • Mpeg2/Windows Media: Best for Windows devices

After the conversion of your videos is complete, they can be saved on a portable hard drive, on a USB stick, or uploaded for online access.

Digital video formats offer many advantages:

  • Great picture & sound quality
  • Guaranteed long life
  • Instant rewind and fast forward and search within clips
  • Durable : no wear from playing, only from physical damage, or failure of hard drive.

If you would like to have a video transferred to DVD or digital format, or if you have any queries about how the digital video works, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 01-855-6388